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My Story - Teens Leadership Program

My Story


My name is Kasama Lee.  If you are parents of students in middle school, high school or college students, I am speaking to you.  My passion in this work is to help our next generation discover, develop and define their voices.  And for them to gain an empowering way of thinking and, consequently, taking action they did not know was possible.

After having been in the leadership development industry for 7 years, I was moved to start working with the teens generation since 2012.  What I love about working with this age group is their raw energy and their authentic desire to grow.  Their enthusiasm to get uncomfortable mentally so they can grow to the next level.  I created a program called Teens In Leadership through the sponsorship of the City of American Canyon with tremendous results for our students (see Testimonials Page).

I can relate to the students because when I came to the U.S. at the age 14, not knowing how to speak English, I was confused and wanted to have a sense of belonging while trying to discover my own voice and identity.  I wish there was a program like the Young Leadership Academy for me to discover and develop my path.  How great is it to know that it is absolutely fine to have our own unique thoughts in pursuit of living the life we deserve?  And how awesome is it that they won't have to wait until 15-30 years later to discover it by accident?  The work of true leadership development is life-changing.

The Young Leadership Academy was created from the belief that it is never too early to develop leadership and success skills through our next generation.  This website of resources is yours.  We have developed a series of modules to provide a platform where middle school, high school and college students learn, explore, discuss, develop and practice self-leadership, critical thinking and life skills so you will become leaders and influence your communities.  These globally proven leadership principles are modeled from the John Maxwell's signature programs and many well-known leadership experts, which I have customized for their age group. The curriculum will provide a platform for knowledge and skills in areas that complement the traditional educational subjects and to equip them for real world skills and expectations.  The curriculum is designed to be in alignment with the School Districts' 21st Century skills known as the four C’s: critical thinking, effective communicationcollaboration on teams, and expanding upon students’ natural creativity.

I look forward to learning about your children's interests, passion, challenges and questions.  Email me with any questions you may have.  I believe the world is waiting to hear their voices.  Let's discover, develop and define them together. 

Here's to their distinction and clarity in this complex world!

With deep gratitude,

KL FN Signature