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Contact - Teens Leadership Program

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi – I am interested in attending the info sessions but both fall during winter break when we will be out of town. Are you planning additional sessions? Thanks!

    • Hi there! Thank you for your question. I will probably hold another informational session later on. I realize it was a tough window for some as it’s during school break. Our high school curriculum is starting Sat 1/11/14 so I decided it would serve many parents and their children to learn more about the curriculum. The class for middle school students will start in March 2014. Please feel free to email me or we could talk by phone if you have specific questions I can help answer. You are welcome to visit the FAQs page for more details. Thank you.

    • Hi there! I offered high school classes when we first started. We had great results with HS students who went through the program. Due to declining attendance over time, I discontinued it. I’d love to work with high school students again as that was how Young Leadership Academy was created. For the class to be effective with peer discussions, I would need a minimum of 8 students. Are you with the Visions In Education group or is your child at a public school? Please email me at kasama@kasamalee.com with details. I’d love to see it happen again. Thank you for checking in.

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