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Blog - Teens Leadership Program

Why we’re excited about our 3rd year!

First, I'm excited to be doing some great work with the students this year while we have some fun together.
I'm looking forward to getting to know each student.  That's the best part for me, to watch them discover, develop and define their personal character from one class to the next.
 Just in case you wonder who I am and why I do what I do, please read here to learn more about me.  I'm also a mother of two boys.  My oldest son is in 8th grade this year at American Canyon Middle School.  I'm happy to report he's been a product of my program and it has made a huge impact on him as a person, a student, a son and a role model to his younger brother and his friends. He's actually shared how this class has helped him to me!  My younger son, Ari, is in 5th grade this year.  Here is where you could learn more about what my students and their parents say.
This will be the third school year for the YLA programs.  It's getting better and more streamlined each year.  As you can imagine, there's no real manual in working with middle and high schoolers or the world would be perfect right?  Each student is unique and this is where I bring in my years of leadership coaching with some creative teaching/sharing moments and activities that are relevant to the planned topic. 
Parents, it's not too late for to enroll.  Please share this post to other parents you know whose child could benefit.  I would appreciate it.  The more leaders we could develop, the better our community will be.
About The Author:
Dream Big
Kasama is a mother, a wife, and a well-recognized inspirational speaker who has become a mentor, a coach, a consultant to middle managers, team leaders and educators who want to reach their highest potential in their career and in their lives. She is a certified John Maxwell leadership speaker, trainer and coach. She’s a creator of an Online Course Community for professional and personal development:The Winning Formula.  It is her vision to create online leadership programs for teens in the future.

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We are excited to be an approved vendor with Visions In Education, a public charter/home school, a San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD).  To learn more about Visions In Education, visit http://www.viedu.org/visions/

An exclusive class designed for Visions In Education is starting soon!

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